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Have you put together a complete Business Plan? The purpose of a business plan is to make you think through the various components of your business. Things like an overview of your business, your product or service, market research you have done, the location of your business, marketing, financial, and legal issues, and how you are going to fund your endeavor.

>> Business Plan - Example 1
>> Business Plan - Example 2

You can get free assistance with your business plan by meeting with a SCORE counselor. SCORE is a group of retired business executives who donate their time and expertise to help prospective business owners get started. You can schedule a meeting with a SCORE counselor by contacting the Chamber offices at 248.547.4000. For more information on SCORE simply click here.

Once your business plan is complete, what do you do next? You should start by contacting the Planning Department at the City of Royal Oak offices located at 211 S. Williams St., Room 311. They can be reached via telephone at 248.246.3280.
The Planning Department’s (PD) charge is multi-faceted with an overall goal of maintaining, improving, developing and redeveloping property in the City of Royal Oak. Two key functions that they oversee are:

  • Enforcement of the City’s Zoning Ordinance
  • Providing assistance/information on the City’s development processes

How does this concern you? You will need to know where your intended usage/business activity is permitted within the City of Royal Oak. If you already have a location identified you need to confirm that your intended usage/business activity is allowed at that location. If you do not have a specific location identified you will need to know which zoning district(s) allow your intended use/business activity. The PD can answer these questions for you. The PD can also explain any processes, procedures or options you may have in regards to your proposed use/business activity as it relates to a specific location. The links below show the current zoning in the city.

>> Zoning Map

It is highly recommended that you do your homework before signing any lease or purchase agreement. The PD can describe the steps or processes involved in starting a business in Royal Oak, including any estimated time periods. It is also a good idea to consult a professional service [architect, attorney] to assist you. Time, energy and money spent up front can save you plenty of each on the back end.


Also included are links to various other sites that you may find helpful as you consider opening a business in Royal Oak. The Chamber is here to provide you with assistance you may need in locating your business to a vibrant and growing community.

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