• Sterling Oil & Chemical Co., Inc.



    About Us

    Sterling Oil & Chemical’s almost 40 years of experience in blending our own industrial lubricants provides our customers with resources, expertise and connections. We supply or assist clients in attaining base oils and other components. Then, we offer custom and toll blending with on-site quality control, testing and certification – resulting in finished, high-quality industrial lubricants and greases. Sterling Oil also offers small-volume runs and repackaging of these products, including drumming, tote filling, and filling 5-gallon pails. For clients in the Midwest, we go beyond deliveries, with the value-added services of samples, local inventory for emergencies, and on-going small volume deliveries. Sterling Oil represents the potential of a significant reduction of transportation costs for our clients, since we can provide the diluents or carrier (such as water or base oils) as the main component for blending industrial lubricants. We subsequently deliver the client’s finished product to the Midwest and Canada.

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