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    About Us

    We are a Michigan law firm that provides family law services, including divorce, custody, and child support cases.

    We recognize that you never intended to be involved in a divorce or child custody case. Family law issues are stressful for everyone involved, and you want to do the right thing and move forward in your life. You need a lawyer to assist you in finding resolution and protecting the best interests of you and your children so that you can restore peace of mind, well-being, and balance.

    We view the legal process as an opportunity to transcend, transform, and move forward. Our attorneys are trained in both litigation and mediation. As your advocate and ally, our lawyers analyze your unique situation to find a balanced approach between assertive advocacy and peacefully maneuvering to find common ground and negotiate effective agreements.

    Our legal services are designed to help you achieve your goals. When you retain Goldner Deeg PLLC, you will get:

    - Clear explanations of the legal process, without “legalese,” so that you understand and can make informed decisions.

    - A compassionate attorney who will listen to you, help you identify your long-term goals, and help you develop and pursue a strategy for your case that feels right to you, so that you feel comfortable with and empowered by the process.

    - Straightforward billing procedures and free discussions about any billing questions that you may have, so that you can trust the services provided.

    To learn more about our services and approach, please visit our website at www.goldner-deeg.com.

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