• How to Elevate Your Royal Oak, MI Business with Website Performance Monitoring

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    Are you monitoring your website performance? Below, the Royal Oak Chamber of Commerce explains the importance of continuous website monitoring to ensure customers enjoy the shopping experience they expect from your business. By keeping an eye on your website analytics, business process stats, and other important metrics regarding your website performance, you can make better business decisions and respond quickly to issues before they hurt your sales.


    Insightful Metrics to Monitor


    Various website analytics metrics can give you insight into how your website is performing in terms of conversion rates and profitability. For example, you should be regularly reviewing analytics that reveal how long customers spend on your website and what pages they visit to indicate your website engagement. You also need to keep an eye on your bounce rate, which is a measure of how many visitors leave your website after viewing just one page. Issues with your bounce rate might indicate that your website pages load too slowly, your website title tag and meta description are misleading, or technical errors are turning people away. Monitoring metrics like these are vital to making impactful website improvements!


    You can even choose to gather your own data by asking users themselves. PDFs can easily be used to create forms that you can share with your social media followers and website visitors.  This PDF online editor may be useful in developing your questionnaire or form with your employees. You can collaborate on the questions and structure before adding your fields by selecting Prepare Form from the Tools menu. Then, all you’ll need to do is share the form to gather more important information. 


    Optimize the Customer Experience with BPM


    Business process management (BPM) is the practice of using business data to optimize repetitive processes to save time and improve results. When it comes to your website, BPM might mean analyzing data related to your website users and making data-driven decisions to create a user-friendly experience that drives conversions. Be sure to constantly monitor the effectiveness of your BPM upgrades so you can continue making improvements as your business grows. 


    Improve Your Website SEO


    Search engine optimization (SEO) tracking will help you monitor your website’s search performance. As a result, you’ll be able to fix SEO issues and draw more organic traffic to your website. You’ll want to track a variety of SEO metrics including how much organic traffic you’re bringing in, how many conversions this traffic is driving, and your website keyword rankings. In addition to this, keep an eye on your website’s SEO health so you can spot and fix any technical issues that could be hurting your search ranking. 


    Avoid Issues that Hurt Conversions


    Monitoring your website performance will also help you avoid occasional technical issues that could turn customers away and hurt your conversion rates. For example, Sematext recommends leveraging website speed testing tools to keep an eye on how fast your website is loading for visitors. The faster your website loads, the more potential visitors you’ll be able to convert.


    Some important metrics to track here include time to first byte (TTB), first meaningful paint (FMP), load time, number of requests, page sizes, and HTTP response headers. If you don’t know what any of this means, don’t worry. A quick Google search will help you learn more about these performance metrics and find out how to measure them on your own website. Some easy ways to improve your website load time include optimizing images, reducing the number of plugins on your site, removing unnecessary content and styling, and hosting your website on a dedicated server.


    Minimize Website Downtime


    Would you know if your website went down? Website downtime can cost your business hundreds to thousands of dollars every minute. Monitoring your uptime will allow you to take action quickly if your website goes down, so you can get back online and minimize costs. Many web hosting providers offer uptime monitoring and downtime alerts. You can also find many free and paid monitoring services online, some of which test your website from locations spread all over the world.


    Minimize Website Downtime


    Monitoring your website will help you save time and money while keeping your customers happy. Set up automated solutions to monitor key performance metrics, use PDF forms to get direct feedback from customers, keep an eye on your SEO, review customer behavior analytics, and identify technical issues. Consistent and reliable website monitoring will help your business thrive!

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