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    We empower you to lead your best life. Your health matters. It influences how you think and feel. It affects your relationships, your productivity – and it frames your outlook on life. When your health suffers, everything suffers.

    We believe something this important shouldn’t be passively addressed or pushed out for an appointment. And it certainly shouldn’t be ignored. That’s why we have reimagined modern primary and urgent healthcare, pediatrics and mental health therapy with services that put you and your family first.

    Through an innovative combination of a Mobile Care Team – which comes to your home, work or wherever you are around town – and 24/7 virtual telehealth, we’ve removed the inefficiencies of traditional healthcare to focus on what’s best for you: a holistic approach to health and wellness that treats mind and body together.

    What do we mean when we say we put you and your family first? Our team will take their time with you every step of the way. No more being rushed through appointments, no more travelling across town to go to doctor’s office and no more taking vacation days for routine visits. Ascend Medical is personalized healthcare, the way it should be – putting you first, delivered on your terms and treating you as a patient for life.


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